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Organ Enlargement and Trading have much in common

It very hard to tell the difference between the two really.

Here is a typical internet promotion for the former:

  • Promotes a greater night life
  • Combines invigorating herbs with other active ingredients
  • Designed to stimulate arousal

And here are a few similar randomly selected examples promoting useless trading advice:

  • Learn to make money in up or down markets
  • Make over 1000 pips a month with award Winning Strategy
  • Day Trading Systems – Profitable Trading Made Simple
  • 60 Stock Tips for Trading Success

At some level people must know that the pills will not increase the size of their organ or anyone else’s? At some level people must realise that those giving “trading advice” do so because the can’t trade profitably themselves. Over the long term no one can “trade” profitably unless they have found some unexploited advantage or are ripping someone off, legally or otherwise. The world works in that way. ¬†Its called survival and humans ruthlessly and probably knowingly peddle crap to put a roof over their heads.

Long term investment just may be a different story.



2 thoughts on “Organ Enlargement and Trading have much in common

  1. Hi Anthony, Reminded me of the story (who knows if it’s true) of Ed Sykota’s feedback when van Tharp sent him a copy of “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”: “Perhaps you should call it ‘Write Your Way to Financial Freedom'”.

    1. Ha ha ha..yes indeed. I think Ed also realises that he was very lucky in the period he traded. He often hints he is not sure he could do it these days!

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