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The Financial Grynch

I have renamed myself The Financial Grynch.  7qjvKyi[1]A grinch or grynch is generally thought of as a combination of the following:

  • Moaner
  • Pessimist
  • Moaner
  • Wet Blanket
  • Grouch
  • Doomsdayer
  • Partypooper
  • Prophet of Doom
  • Whiner

I am all of those things but I try not to let it get to me.  There is a great deal about the world that I dislike and it is not getting any better as I settle into my role as grumpy old man.

There is genuine good, beauty and charm in the world but it is well hidden under a two mile thick, glacial layer of greed, ignorance and (to go all buddhist) unconsciousness.

Nowhere is greed, ignorance and lack of morality more readily discoverable than in the financial markets – a vast, Leviathan network, set up to defraud the foolish.


I have been using “twatter” for a couple of years and allow it to go in and out of my focus.  Recently it has been in focus. As some will have read, I have recently spent months (wasted my time) down the options rabbit hole and lo: there is an entire industry designed to swell the coffers of the sly and empty the pockets of the stupid and the gullible.


One or two giants of propriety and reason stand out. The providers of vanilla index tracking products for instance; but even there “Smart Beta” usually strays into the arena of financial charlatanism.

I describe “commerce” as being ritualised combat and nowhere is this more evident than in the financial sector. Nowhere does Darwin’s evolutionary principal get a better airing. As soon as life developed teeth and an anus, combat began – and it has become progressively bloodier.

So yes: I am a Financial Grynch. I do NOT like salesmen, I do not like the vast majority of financial, trading and “investment” products. I have a particular loathing of financial salesmen. And within that category those sly cretins who push trading systems and products are among the worst.  Especially since most of them don’t eat their own cooking.

Cigarettes have been stamped out in the west by health warnings on the packet. Unfortunately financial health warnings seem to do little to stop the lemmings losing their life savings in the financial markets.

Perhaps forcing the addition of the following to marketing literature might help:toxic[1]


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